[rp-ml] MCor Technologies and the ArKe

Stewart Dickson mathartspd at gmail.com
Sun Jun 9 23:03:34 EEST 2019

Hello, List,

There has been no chatter on the RP-ML about the rumored demise of MCor
maker of the ArKe.

There are two articles in the mainstream press that I know of:
Receiver for 3D printing firm Mcor  by Gavin McLoughlin
Independent Business Irish March 29 2019 2:30 AM
The End Of Mcor Technologies? by Kerry Stevenson
Fabbaloo 30 May 2019

I am personally very disappointed to hear this news.  And apparently, the
founders, the
MacCormacks just stepped down from leadership positions at MCor this

Some of you might remember that I used to supply exotic STL files to the
R-P  vendors for you
to show off your building skills at the trade shows.

In 1999, when the Z-Corp Spectrum was announced, I jumped right in creating
VRML files in
color, some of which wound up at the trade shows as well.

I actually got to run a Spectrum 500 around 2008-2009 and got to learn all
of its color rendition
quirks.  There are many.

By comparison with the  Z-Corp Spectrum, the MCor ArKe's color reproduction
spectacular -- and least, "It looked alright in the pictures" (--Lorde)

I began corresponding with my local MCor ArKe reseller, Andy Grayson at
the end of January.  I haven't made it very far, presumably due to this
receivership business.

Here's what I have gathered from my correspondence with Andy Grayson at
and from the above articles.  Apparently there were at least demonstration
machines which had
been sent to the resellers. But, by this time I contacted Andy Grayson at
no longer had theirs and were waiting for a new one.

It looks as though the MacCormacks had taken MCor from the demonstration
stage up to the point of actually going into production and full-blown
commercial sales, but investment funding to get past that point had stalled.

I think that is a pity.  I really had plans to design objects for this
machine specifically.

Are there any users out there who still have MCor ArKes running?

I would really like to see how my designs come out on them.

Thanks and cheers,

-Stewart Dickson, http://us.imdb.com/Name?Stewart+Dickson
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