Announcement: The List Has Moved!

From: Seppo J Niemi (zaphod)
Date: Tue Nov 28 1995 - 17:19:02 EET

Dear rapid prototypers,

The RP mailing list has finally been moved to a new site. The list
will, however, continue operating exactly as before. Only the address
has changed.

>From now on, the list lives at the address <>. The old
address will be supported for a while, but it will eventually be
removed. Administrative requests, such as (un)subscriptions &c, should
be sent to <>. Requests sent to
<> will have no effect whatsoever.

So please, do _not_ send articles to anymore. Update
your aliases, notebooks and blackboards with the new address and tell
all your friends and neighbours to use <>.

As an additional service, I made the digests available by anonymous
ftp. They can be found at in the directory /pub/rp-ml. The
files are not compressed, but the server supports on-the-fly
compression; so if you live behind a slow link, just add a .gz suffix
to the filename. For example if you are interested in the digest file
v01.n001, just say 'get v01.n001.gz' and you will receive it
compressed with gzip. No other compression is, nor will be supported.

And, better still, the old articles can also be accessed via World Wide
Web. The URL is This is by far the
easiest and most flexible way to browse through the old articles. The
archive is updated daily with fresh articles from the list.

The new administrator of the list is Hannu Kaikonen
<>. Please don't send any mail about the list to his
personal account, use the address <> instead.
As before, I am the one in charge of the technical administration and
bit-diddling with majordomo and hypermail. So, if you have any
problems that are purely technical, like mail bouncing back or never
appearing on the list, contact Yours Truly.

Note that there are over 550 people on the list at the moment, and
there is a long delay in the message propagation to everybody. So, if
you send an article to the list and don't get it back immediately,
don't panic, just wait for a couple of hours. The delay depends on your
position the list, the first one gets it right away while the last one
has to wait for two or three hours. So you might even get replies to
your mail before you receive it yourself.

Share and enjoy.


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