Re: Learning About Why Companies Do RP

From: Tom Graver (
Date: Wed Nov 29 1995 - 00:50:47 EET

Elaine asked...

>Since there are about 50-75 universities worldwide doing RP, are you
>including them in this
>study and if so how are you defining their adoption and implementation of the

No. Our focus has been on industry only. Unfortunatley, we only received
five responses from the rp-ml, so anecdotal information is all we've
gathered so far. The most rich information has come from face-to-face
interviews with people who have experienced the process at their companies
-- but this also is too fragmented to declare the identification of any real

 Are there specific issues that universities deal with that
>industry do not?

My guess is: absolutely yes -- and vice versa

>Are there specific methods of adoption that universities must use in order
to be

I imagine that, like in industry, this depends on the driving forces behind
the adoption, the objectives of the implementation, and the culture at the
particular institution. I'd like to hear from universities about their
experiences -- maybe we should ask some of these questions of the
soon-to-form university consortium on RP...



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