A suggestion: new lists

From: Andre Dolenc (ado@cs.hut.fi)
Date: Wed Nov 29 1995 - 11:57:16 EET

Greetings to all,
and straight to the point:

A mailing list is about rapid and effective communication. Not all of those
in this list can communicate effectively in English. Given the number of
individuals in this list and the growing interest in RP, I would suggest the
creation of language-specific and/or national RP mailing lists.

I don't want to discuss this topic in the list. If anyone out there wants to,
say, start a German list 'rp-ml-german', contact your collegues directly using
the addresses in this list, and announce relevant conclusions here.
I have been told that the signal-to-noise ratio in this list is quite good, and
let us keep it that way.

I am certain that people will feel more confortable communicating in their
own language, and topics relevant to all will certainly overflow to 'rp-ml'.

Regards, Andre'

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