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From: Rapid Dude (rp-adm@bart.lpt.fi)
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 08:47:02 EET

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Why would you want to divide the list by language. I like to read all
the messages that are posted to the mailing list. If it were divide into
multiple list, I would subscribe to all of them.
If a person can't communicate effectively in English, let him/her post
the message in another language. Maybe they would add a subject line in
English, so that everyone will know the topic of their message.
Christian Nelson
DTM Corporation
On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, Andre Dolenc wrote:
> Greetings to all,
> and straight to the point:
> A mailing list is about rapid and effective communication. Not all of
> in this list can communicate effectively in English. Given the number of
> individuals in this list and the growing interest in RP, I would
suggest the
> creation of language-specific and/or national RP mailing lists.
> I don't want to discuss this topic in the list. If anyone out there
wants to,
> say, start a German list 'rp-ml-german', contact your collegues
directly using
> the addresses in this list, and announce relevant conclusions here.
> I have been told that the signal-to-noise ratio in this list is quite
good, and
> let us keep it that way.
> I am certain that people will feel more confortable communicating in
> own language, and topics relevant to all will certainly overflow to
> Regards, Andre'
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