Division among the ranks.

From: Lee_Humphrey@ccmail.orl.mmc.com
Date: Wed Nov 29 1995 - 23:37:28 EET

Perhaps I missed something, what is wrong with the way things were
going. Language may be a problem (I have not seen it) but severing
communications does not fix it. Although I do not speak other languages
(I don't do English very well) I do not want them or me excluded. If I
can't understand what is written I can get dictionaries or other people
to help but if it is kept from me I cannot grow from it at all. This is
a dynamic industry in a dynamic world. I want it all. Perhaps routing
certain entries through friendly translators (human or electronic) may
present a more menial solution.

Who would have thought 10 years ago that an ordinary worker on and
ordinary day in Florida (USA) would listen in on a discussion between
people in Finland, Italy, Colorado, Hong Kong. Don't cut it now please.

Lee Humphrey
Lockheed Martin
Orlando, Florida

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