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Date: Fri Dec 01 1995 - 04:23:22 EET

>1. Most important thing in RP for 1995.
a - The Journal of Rapid Prototyping
b - the increased activity in the Pacific Rim
c - rp-ml

>2. Most important thing to be done for 1996.
a - convince everyone else about 1a

>3. Which area of your job was impacted most by RP?
a - my research rating? The extension of my contract?

>4. What could we as a group do to encourage participation on this listing?
a - get the big boys in, the vendors you mention in 6. Lobby them. Al H. is
very vocal and highly appreciated as a result, some of the DTM people
contribute from time to time. How about everyone else? Too busy? Too timid?
Too afraid they may end up in court? Or do they think that we are not worth
the effort?

>5. What benefit did you recieve from being apart of this listing?
a - a part of - or apart from? The stimulus, contact with like-minded
people, the appreciation that we are all in the same boat, the understanding
that there are promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

>6. Any other suggestion or comment.....especially from vendors.
keep coming up with these lists Elaine

>7. Any suggestions on new technology for 1996 or beyond?
bigger, or modular RP for large models
higher speed systems (like the 3DSys multi-jet system has been suggested to be)
colour systems
more accurate systems
feature based systems
process control

>8. Is 1996 the Year of Change?
a - in Hong Kong we are reserving that for 1997. Being a Scotsman, you will
get no change out of me. I think consolidation is better than change at the
moment. I saw the robot revolution fizzle out into a mild protest because
there was too much change. RP is different, I know - but reliability,
useability, systems engineering are the watchwords

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