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From: Andre Dolenc (
Date: Fri Dec 01 1995 - 09:58:35 EET

Ian Gibson writes:
> >2. Most important thing to be done for 1996.

Concerning Internet-related "things":
I would like to see a WEB page with a catalogue of all pertinent RP events. I
would volunteer, but my new job assignment will not permit that.
[A reminder: the mailing list is now on the WEB at]

> >4. What could we as a group do to encourage participation on this listing?
> a - get the big boys in, the vendors you mention in 6. Lobby them. Al H. is
> very vocal and highly appreciated as a result, some of the DTM people
> contribute from time to time. How about everyone else? Too busy? Too timid?
> Too afraid they may end up in court? Or do they think that we are not worth
> the effort?

Vendors participate by other means. I know they contact people in this list
*directly*. I would like to see more announcements in the list. In this way,
one could get updated on new products more quickly. Some vendors
---and, eventually, all vendors---will have WEB home pages for that purpose,
but many individuals still do not have access to the WWW. Besides, one would
have to visit those pages, instead of having the news delivered to one's "door".

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