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From: Ian Gibson (
Date: Sat Dec 02 1995 - 04:39:35 EET

>Andre' writes:
>> I would like to see more announcements in the list. In this way,
>> one could get updated on new products more quickly.
>Agree. You and I talked about it briefly at Autofact. Unless others disagree,
>RP vendor companies should take advantage of this opportunity of posting news
>releases on the rp-ml, ... so long as the announcements are genuine news, and
>not marketing/sales hype. Anyone agree or disagree?
>Terry Wohlers
>Wohlers Associates
Please also ref the message from Kurt Skifstad that raises the point about
the danger of swamping the list with advertising.

How about a process of informal censoring? Sounds horrible I know but I have
been contacted once or twice (and I suspect a few other people have too) by
companies who were unsure whether the material they had was suitable for
putting on rp-ml. I think they thought I was impartial enough to give them
reasonable advice. I would be happy to continue this process. If unsure,
companies could contact likely people (most probably academics) on the
suitability of their press releases.

This process is used in the MEMS@ISI.EDU that I recently subscribed to.
However in this case it is used for ALL messages which I think is excessive
for rp-ml.

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