igs to stl

From: Joseph DeGuglielmo (jfdegug@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Sat Dec 02 1995 - 17:59:27 EET

I'd like to change the subject for a while if that's okay. How about
RP, we haven't talked about that lately. My question deals with the
Iges file to STL file conversion.

1)Could someone briefly explain how this process works and what its
limits are?

2)What systems are compatible and which are not?

I'm living in a somewhat isolated world here, mostly dealing with UG,
some ProE, and many .stl files. What I'm interested in knowing is what
additional work is required when an IGES file is supplied to a RP
Center and how the final part compares to one made from a CAD or STL


Joe DeGuglielmo
Eastman Kodak


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