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From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (
Date: Sat Dec 02 1995 - 19:30:00 EET

> Joe DeGuglielmo wrote

> I'd like to change the subject for a while if that's okay. How about
> RP, we haven't talked about that lately. My question deals with the
> Iges file to STL file conversion.

> 1)Could someone briefly explain how this process works and what its
> limits are?

I get IGES files from my customers that represent a wireframe model of the
part to be built. These are
the actual models - not any sort of STL file. The amount of work it takes
to convert this to a solid model
that can then be converted to a STL file can vary. I use PRO-E so I first
need to input the IGES file
into PRO-E. My own experience shows that ProE does import the iges file ok
but it is very very slow and
tedious to work with. I then select entities to tie my cross sections to
and extrude/revolve/cut as necessary
using these cross sections. It is very time consuming but works. Ideally
you can get to the customer first
and make sure they don't include any unnecessary detail such as radii and
connecting lines between the
two ends of holes. There are also two ways to link to the IGES file. First
is to just "USE EDGE" and align right
to the edge. This severely limits any modifications to the resulting ProE
solid model. The second method
you also align to the edges but then after regenerating you dimension the
section then unalign. If done
successfully you end up with a solid model unassociated to the IGES feature.
  I have used the above
method on several parts and had good success. I find that I can convert
most models in about 2-6 hours.

Don't know if this hits the mark or not - I have seen the IGES programs
advertised and didn't see how
the could magically take a wireframe model and magically extract surface
info and such to make a good
STL file ???? I to would appreciate any information on those sorts of

Regards, Todd Stahlhut

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