Color Capability in RP Systems

Date: Mon Dec 04 1995 - 14:28:34 EET

-- [ From: Al Hastbacka * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

I have had an interest in what the needs for color in rapid prototyping
systems might be in the future. I have asked several people, and the
answers are less than precise. The kind of color capability I have in
mind is where you have a relatively transparent "build material"
through which you could see colors on the inside of the model. For
example, if I had a model of a liver, a tumor could be shown in one
color(blue) and the blood vessels in red. In this manner, the examiner
would readily see where the tumor is relative to other sturctures.
Applications in medicine are the first to come to mind, but are there
other applications that would make sense for color. The next question
would then be how many colors?
I would appreciate any and all feedback on this subject.

Al Hastbacka

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