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>Subject: 3D fax: Who needs it ?

>>We are back to the old 3D fax question again.
>With current technology - a low-cost CNC machine, a 3D laser and a piece
>of software -
>I guess one could build a 3D copier for about 30 000 Dollar.
>When you separate 3D scanner and mill by a telephone line, you have a 3D
>But who wants it ?
>(for this price)
>Maybe someone has more ideas than me ...
>Regards, Juergen
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FYI, 3D-FAX has been demonstrated by us here at the University of Texas
at Austin way back in 1991. Those of you who attended the 1991 SFF Symposium
will remember touring DTM, SMS and UT. CT scan slices of an automobile piston
taken at Scientific Measurement Systems (Austin) were transmitted over a phone
line directly to an SLS machine located at UT to create a polycarbonate copy
in real-time.

Who wants it ?
Them trekkies are bugging us to build them a transporter.

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