Re: 3D fax: Who needs it ?

Date: Mon Dec 04 1995 - 21:44:02 EET

     Regarding a 3D FAX machine. I can think of one or two applications for a
3D FAX. One would be if a group of people needed to discuss an object in a
teleconferencing environment. An object could be FAXed ahead of time so both
groups could look at it.
Another somewhat related application brings to mind an article from the
December 1994 Scientific American column Science and the Citizen.
The article cited work done by the University of Texas (Austin). The work
involves scanning and copying museum artifacts. The data from artifacts could
be put on a CD-ROM or of course sent to a 3D FAX for replication.

     I would sure want some kind of filter/lock on my 3D FAX machine to prevent
junk from being sent to me.

        Merry Christmas

        Robert Jaquiss

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