Re2: 3D fax: Who needs it

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Date: Tue Dec 05 1995 - 12:28:03 EET

>Who wants it? Good question. When the fax was first demonstrated they
>the same question. But it has made the transition from big business
>to consumer product quite well dont you think?

In this particular case, there was a real unsatisfied market:
When I remember right, the fax was developed by a german company (AEG,
Siemens, Triumph Adler - I dont remember).
It was no real success in Germany. But then, japanese companies took over
the idea, and started mass production:
There was just an enormous need to transmit the vast variety of
(handwritten) and complicated japanese letters. Then, they re-imported
the idea to a price nobody could withstand - even not in our western
27-letter world.

For short: We need to have a "hit" application.

Regards, Juergen

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