Re: Problems with down facing fill

From: Kamesh M. Tata (
Date: Wed Dec 06 1995 - 18:55:52 EET

At 09:51 AM 12/6/95 -0500, Jason wrote:
>Ok, I'm having troubles... We've got an SLA-250 and are using Allied Signal's
>X-actomer 2202SF resin. My parts were coming out fantastic about 3 weeks ago
>(laser power ~16mW) and then I had a jump in laser power (~25mW) and my down
>facing skin fill vectors went to heck. I'm thinking the problem might be in
>the laser or in the sensors. The laser has about 1,800 hours on it. My down
>facing skin fill vectors look like they are not connected and are 'wiggly' and
>nasty. I've played with increasing my cure depth of the down facing vectors
>and it really hasn't made much of an impact. I did discover that if I increase
>the overcure on the hatch vectors it helps seal up the parts better, but my
>warpage becomes unacceptable. If anyone has any solutions or recommendations
>please let me know.

One reason could be a change in the beam diameter. It might be worth trying
a closer hatch spacing. I would also check the power with a laser power
meter (don't trust the screen reading).
PS: please let us know when you find the cause.

Kamesh Tata
Prototype Express, Inc.

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