Re: Color RP Systems

From: Elaine Persall (
Date: Wed Dec 06 1995 - 20:37:08 EET

>but to build the Tumor-in-the-Skull you need to color volumes corectly.
>This poses some interesting file and data manipluation questions.
>If I can lay down any of 4 colors, which one(s) do I use in an area??

If you can lay down colors then I could lay down materials at selected
points. I could do many things if I could selective use my CAD data
to customize my product. What else do we need to do with data?

> I figure if we throw the problem at Mr. (Dr.?) Rock, Mr. Rooney and Mr.
>Brindley, 3 good answers should fall out.

Add Dr. Gien, Kamesh Tata, and Andre Dolenc before long we could have an
team to lead a revolution in data manipluation. 1996 could be the year of
the USER.


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