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From: Stephen J Rock (
Date: Wed Dec 06 1995 - 22:10:18 EET

Chuck Kirschman Wrote:
> ...If I can lay down any of 4 colors, which one(s) do I use in an area??
> I figure if we throw the problem at Mr. (Dr.?) Rock, Mr. Rooney and Mr.
> Brindley, 3 good answers should fall out.

Thanks Chuck...

You could create multiple boundary reps to represent each unique (homogenous)
material or color volume within a part, as Mike suggests, and then tag each
solid accordingly. Perhaps you can embed the color in the solid name?

However, I'd say the fun starts when you want to vary the material
composition (color) continuously in 3D. This issue was raised at the SFF95
Symposium and someone mentioned using a voxel-based appraoch, where the model
is discretized into small elements each having a specified composition.

It seems there must be a more efficient representation and composition
definition method which does not involve voxels. I think it is worth
considering interpolation-based methods. Specify composition at certain
critical locations within a structure, then let the composition in between
be some combination of the specified materials (colors).

Solving this problem effectively should have utility far beyond making
colored hardcopy.

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