Re: Color RP Systems

Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 17:54:23 EET

Using multiple volumes to indicate color:

Many programs that read STL files allow concatenated STL files. Ours do.
At least some 3D Systems programs do. Each one could indicate a different
  unix cat file1.stl file2.stl >total.stl
   dos copy /b file1.stl+file2.stl total.stl

Many programs which manipultate or slice STL files allow the processing
of mulltiple STL files.

BR&A STH format supports multiple volumes and color info, among other things.

The 2 byte attribute count in STL is generally ignored, and has been
used by some CAD systems to store Layer/Level or Color info. This can
indicate Triangle Color. Volume Color could be derived by the silce software.

Intermediate colors/shades could be produced by the slice software by

Cubital systems have been used to produce colored regions by trapping
the (colored) support wax in voids.

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