(RE.) organizational meeting

From: Lee_Humphrey@ccmail.orl.mmc.com
Date: Fri Dec 08 1995 - 00:08:28 EET

Could information from the organization be released to the rp-ml. It
would be very helpful for my company to know who is doing what type of
research and development in Rapid Prototyping.

Thank you

Lee Humphrey
Lockheed Martin
Orlando Florida

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Subject: organizational meeting
Author: persall@eng.clemson.edu at ORL-SMTP-G
Date: 12/7/95 1:53 PM

An organizational meeting of US universities involved in Rapid
Protoyping will be held at Clemson University on January 12, 1996.
If you are active in the RP area and have not recieved a registration
form.....contact Rogger Howe at Thayer School of Engineering
603-646-3261 or Dr. Daniel Brandt at MSOE - 414-277-7384.
An agenda and map will be mailed to all interested people before

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