3D raster printing

From: Terry Wohlers (73417.1465@compuserve.com)
Date: Fri Dec 08 1995 - 02:07:17 EET

Al Hastbacka writes:

> If you are willing to give up some of those parameters, the raster
> approach has some merit for certain geometries (e.g., bricks--but
> then you could use a saw to cut a block of wax to make even a faster
> prototype).

I've seen several parts produced by a 3D raster printing device that contain
complex surfaces and very fine detailed features. Plus, the surface finish is
excellent. Al: These parts just might knock your socks off. It may be a
little dangerous to conclude that 3D raster devices can only produce blocks.
As for speed, brace yourself because you may be in for a surprise. And over
time, the speed of the process is likely to improve. Dick Newton mentioned
that the market will decide whether the raster approach has merit. I believe
it does.

Terry Wohlers

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