Stereolithography Surface Roughness Research

Date: Fri Dec 08 1995 - 14:41:03 EET

My name is Andy Chadwick. As a student at Nottingham University, I
am currently involved in a research project in rapid prototyping
with a particular interest in stereolithography.

The area of my research, in conjunction with Dr. R.C. Cobb, Dr. P.M.
Dickens and Mr. P. Reeves, is to improve the surface finish of
stereolithography models and develop post process solutions to the
'stair stepping' effect inherent in the stereolithography process.
The work is part of an ongoing project within the Centre for Rapid
Prototyping in the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and
Operations Management.

For my work to be a success, it is necessary to identify what 'end
users' require from the models in terms of surface finish and how
finishing, if any, is accomplished.

I am writing to request your assistance and would be grateful if you
could complete the short questionnaire below.

Your assistance plays an important part in my research and will be
greatly appreciated.

If you feel this questionnaire is not relevant to your business,
please send any information which you feel would assist my

Thank you in anticipation.








1. For what purpose do you use stereolithography models (i.e.
aesthetics or a functional process)?



2. Is the surface finish of the models generally satisfactory?

                YES NO

        If NO, why not and please give details:



3. Do you prepare the models for later applications by smoothing the
surface with an abrasive medium?

                YES NO

        If YES, please give details:




4. Do you apply any coatings?

                YES NO

        If YES, please specify if these are to improve the surface finish
or to aid with the function of the model (i.e. release agents,
sealants etc.)



5. How are the coatings applied?


        If possible, please highlight the process steps.




6. How much time does this further preparation occupy?



7. Do you measure surface roughness?

                YES NO

        If YES, what Ra value is typically required?



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