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BROCK ROONEY <> writes:
> Using multiple volumes to indicate color:
> ... (removed)
> Cubital systems have been used to produce colored regions by trapping
> the (colored) support wax in voids.

Back to the old days, there were several applications of this feature.
1. Molecular models. Identifying different atom types by different shapes
   and sizes of the fillers (wax voids trapped in the plastic spheres
2. Grey level. A grid of voids, uniformly positioned but varying in void sizes
   was used for generating a grey-level "picture" on the boundary of the model.
3. Business cards. Flat plastic "business cards" contained the owner's name
   and details written in engraved voids filled with wax. (The "font" however
   was quite ugly.)
4. Assembly marks. Huge models were broken into several pieces with wax-filled
   voids serving as assembly marks.
5. Blood. There was a blood-vessels model (data obtained by an MRI scanner),
   where the (blue) wax indicated the blood and the (light-yellow) plastic
   formed the vessels.
Etc. Etc.
Cubital also organized a workshop on heterogeneous models during March 1993.
Proceedings are available (so I assume; at least I have a copy) from their
p.r. people.


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