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From: Hur Jung Hoon (hur@cadal1.snu.ac.kr)
Date: Sat Dec 09 1995 - 11:54:28 EET

Hi ! RPers

This is a message from CAD Lad, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.
I am Junghoon hur, MD student in CAD Laboratory, SNU.
I am doing MS in the area of Stereolithography(SLA), especially for "Integrated CAD system for SLA".

By the way,I have a few questions.
It would be thankful to answer these questions.

I am developing the PART BUILDING SIMULATION MODLUE as a part of SLA CAD system.

Q> Do you think whether there are any needs for such a simulation process in Layered Manufactureing?

Q> If necessary, what the points had to be considered in the simulation CAD system ? ( e.g. STL error visualization, laser path,....etc.? )

Thank you in advance.
Take care. Bye.

  Junghoon Hur

  Kwanakgu Shilimdong San 56-1
  Seoul National University
  Dept. Mechanical Design and Production Engineering
  CAD Laboratory
  Seoul, Korea.

  e-mail: hur@cadal1.snu.ac.kr
  FAX) 82-2-887-2283
  TEL) 82-2-880-7447

// written by Hur Jung Hoon
// 1995-Dec-09

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