Data Exchange formats

Date: Tue Dec 12 1995 - 08:35:28 EET

Dear RP'ers,

I received some private email about my recent post about tagged image
formats, which pointed out the need for some addenda:

1. the tagging makes it easy for software to skip data it does not
care about, know about, or understand.

2. the reference I gave, is perhaps not the most accessible
(Appendix A of 'Amiga ROM Kernal Reference Manual:
 Devices (Third Edition)' by Commodore-Amiga, Inc., 1991,
 published by Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-56755-X).

It is an excellent reference for the subject of tagged data
formats and happens to be one I have at hand. However, another
reference was suggested: ASCII CLI (common layer interface) format
for representing layered RP data. This has the advantage of being
topical and available on the WWW. (You should ignore the binary
form for CLI as it is not tagged. From my reading of a couple
of years ago, I also have a conceptual objection to CLI's binary
part, but that's another topic).

--> Mike Brindley Corvallis, Oregon, USA, Terra
"We have always been able to count on Microsoft's inefficiencies to
 increase the demand for CPU speed and memory capacity."
 - Ron Wilson, EETimes, Dec. 1994

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