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From: Jian Dong (jdong@eng2.uconn.edu)
Date: Thu Dec 21 1995 - 04:01:45 EET

                        RAPID RESPONSE MANUFACTURING:
        Contemporary methodologies, tools and technologies

The RAPID RESPONSE MANUFACTURING: Contemporary methodologies, tools and
technologies will be a hardcover, type-set book published by Chapman and Hall.
This book covers current methodologies, tools and technologies for
implementation of rapid response manufacturing. It will include but not
limited to the following chapters:


Desktop Manufacturing
          Desktop NC Machining
          Rapid Prototyping/Rapid Tooling
          Free From Fabrication/Layer Manufacturing
          Computer Aspects of Solid Freeform Fabrication
          Near Net Shape Manufacturing
          Quick Casting/Quick Molding
          Flexible Forming
          Rapid ablation with abrasive manufacturing technologies

Computer Tools/Information Technology for Rapid Response Manufacturing(RRM)
          Feature-based Design and Manufacturing
          CAD/CAM/CAE Integration
          Simulation-based Design and Manufacturing
          Automated Process Planning and Scheduling
          Integrated Product and Process Development
          Simulation-based Design and Manufacturing
          Virtual Reality for RRM
          Product Information Data Management
          Rapid Modeling of manufacturing Systems
          Distributed Computer Systems for RRM
          World Wide Wed(WWW) for RRM
          Data Standards for Design/Analysis/Planning/Manufacturing
          Multi-media for RRM

Submission Deadlines:
Submission of the title/abstract of the contribution January 1, 1996
Notice to submit full papers January 25, 1996
Submission of the Full Paper March 20, 1996
Editorial Comments and Review Outcomes July 1, 1996
Submission of Revised Paper August 15, 1996

Authors interested in contributing to this book should mail or email
their proposed paper title/abstract (containing title, short abstract
author(s), and affiliation) to the editor at the following addresses:
     Prof. Jian(John) Dong
     Department of Mechanical Engineering
     University of Connecticut
     Storrs, CT 06269-3139
     Phone:203/486-4109, Fax: 203/486-5088

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