Position available

From: Todd Grimm (tgrimm@atiaustin.com)
Date: Tue Jan 02 1996 - 17:47:46 EET

Accelerated Technologies, Inc. (ATI)has a position open for an SLA operator
at our Cincinnati facility.

Operator will be responsible for 2 SLA-500s and 1 SLA-250.

We are looking for an experienced person who can fill the position with
little or no training.

Please send resume to:
        Todd Grimm
        Manager - Cincinnati Service Bureau
        Accelerated Technologies Inc.
        1780 Anderson Blvd.
        Hebron, KY 41048

        Phone: (606) 334-3875
        Fax: (606) 586-0404
        e-mail: tgrimm@atiaustin.com

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