Re: VRML instead of STL

Date: Wed Jan 03 1996 - 11:42:00 EET

You may find it interesting to know that VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling
Language) is for a large (the largest?) part based on Open Inventor (OI).
OI is a C++ toolkit for developing graphical applications using OpenGL.
(OI and OpenGL from Silicon Graphics, you know these graphical work

At this moment I am already working on a converter from STL to VRML
(and OI) using the IndexedFaceSet node. The nice thing about this
conversion is that VRML viewers are available for (allmost) all
computing platforms, so you can view (and visually check?) your STL files
(in VRML format) very easily if you have enough memory in your computer...


Peter de Jager, Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering

P.S. : I wish everyone a very happy and succesful 1996!

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