Re: VRML instead of STL

Date: Wed Jan 03 1996 - 15:31:20 EET

Here at Clemson, we have developed an environment to visualize STL files
and in effect virtually prototype an object before building a physical

The first step in this visualization was transforming the STL data into
the VRML (OpenInventor) format.
The VRML format allows us to easily verify and correct STL files, and
then, in the virtual environment, since every point is uniquely defined,
no duplication of points is present since all triangles are defined by
pointers to the appropriate vertices. This format allows us to move a
point in the virtual environment, and the correcponding triangles
are updated automatically.

A paper on the use of Virtual reality to virtually prototype was presented
at last year's SME conference, and one detailing the mechanics has been
submitted to the ASME Design Technical Conferences next August. Also, a
paper on error correction of STL files has been submitted to the upcoming
SME conference in Detroit.

Happy new year to all.

Georges M. Fadel 
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering Department			Tel: (864) 656-5620
Clemson University					Fax: (864) 656-4435
Clemson SC 29634-0921 USA

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