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Date: Wed Jan 03 1996 - 20:43:40 EET

Thought this news message from alt.artcom could be interesting
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Subject: 3-D FAX Art event, June 1996
Happy New Year!
I have made a proposal to the International Sculpture Center, Washington,
to stage a 3-D FAX Art and interactive, collaborative virtual
event at the biennial International Sculpture Conference, to be held 4-10
1996 at the Rhode Island School of Design.
Although this proposal is not final, I am soliciting statements of
from CAD/CAM-literate artists around the world to participate in this 3-D
Art Event.
Please see information on the International Sculpture Center and the 1996
Conference at
Please see documentation of INTERSCULPT '95, the telenetworked exhibition
robosculpture, Philadelphia, USA and Paris, France with 3-D FAX Art by
Dickson at
Please see information on my work at
We will have CU-SeeMe and VRML Web presence at one of the above URLS and
at several months in advance of the Conference. We
invite you to drop in!
Thank you in advance for your interest and support.
-Stewart Dickson
Stewart Dickson VOX (302) 731-2718 FAX (302) 731-7482 (mirror)

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