Re: VRML instead of STL

From: Suzanne Fox Buchele (
Date: Thu Jan 04 1996 - 20:48:06 EET

Regarding the VRML format, and its suitability to RP:

I have not been able to determine from the web sites given previously
if VRML can support "2-1/2 D" specifications, as is needed in RP.
That is, can "slices" of points, polylines, cubics, whatever, be specified
all in one plane, with stacked planes of these descriptions being the total
object description? I am coming from CT into RP, so this is particularly
important to me - we don't want to turn our 2-1/2 D data into 3-D, just
to have it returned to 2-1/2 D again. SLC and CLI formats are what we
know of to date.

Can anyone answer this question?

Sue Buchele
PhD Student
UT Austin/Argonne National Laboratory

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