RE: VRML instead of STL

From: Dick Newton (
Date: Thu Jan 04 1996 - 20:55:41 EET

Gary Scholl[] says

>>I continue to wonder why any one would want to work with polygons in an RP

The main reason for using polygons is for simplification purposes.
Slicing a model into two dimensional cross sections also simplifies the
problem of building parts. Why would anyone want to work with binary
numbers in a computer when fractions can be used to exactly represent
any rational number?

>They represent a degradation of the original surface(s) ...
> ditto

Not in all cases. Polygons do not represent a degradation of the original surfaces if the surfaces are planar and bounded by straight line segments.

I don't think the point of this whole discussion was whether or not
polygonal or other models are better, but rather should VRML be embraced
by the rapid prototyping industry.

Given that VRML can do everything the current standard (stl) can do
and more, I think it should be given serious consideration. I also haven't
heard any very convincing arguments against VRML as a direct replacement
for STL.
Dick Newton

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