RE: VRML instead of STL

From: Andre Dolenc (
Date: Thu Jan 04 1996 - 21:12:19 EET

Dick Newton writes:
> Why would anyone want to work with binary=20
> numbers in a computer when fractions can be used to exactly represent
> any rational number?

That was a joke, right?

> >They represent a degradation of the original surface(s) ...

And? We are in the manufacturing industry. Nothing that is manufactured is an
exact replica of what you have in the screen. There is nothing wrong in
discretizing a model for manufacturing purposes so long it is accurate enough.

> Given that VRML can do everything the current standard (stl) can do=20
> and more, I think it should be given serious consideration. I also =
> haven't
> heard any very convincing arguments against VRML as a direct replacement
> for STL.

Yes, one should think about it... carefully. Replacing an existing standard
takes time and effort, and clear benefits must be obtained.
Given the current rate of development of RP technologies, it seems likely
the STL format will hit a dead end, but it is not clear, at least to me,
what should replace it.

Regards, Andre'

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