Plastic on trays - last time...promise ...

From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (
Date: Fri Jan 05 1996 - 13:32:00 EET

Let me revisit the hint for one last time before I give up....
 After you are done with the tray you:

  1 Remove the plastic from the tray and wad up so the liquid
      is on the inside.

  2. Place plastic with trapped liquid resin (still a hazardous material)
      into the SLA post cure apparatus (PCA).

  3. For those of you not aware, the PCA is a device with UV light bulbs
      is used to final cure any resin in SLA parts.

  4. Post cure the wadded up plastic until it solidifies.

  5. At this point the trapped resin is not a hazardous material because
       it is solidified.

  6. According to all of my sources the waste can be disposed of in normal
      trash because it is non hazardous in this state the same as a properly
      solidified SLA part that is no longer needed.


           Todd "learned my lesson" Stahlhut

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