Re: SLA Hint Broo-Ha-Ha

From: Elaine Persall (
Date: Fri Jan 05 1996 - 18:03:48 EET


>I normally don't get in a lather about this kind of stuff (Elaine should have
>covered this), but let me make a few points.

Glad I my attention was diverted for a moment.....getting lathered makes
things much more enjoyable.

>but very useful pointer for SLA work.

anyone who works with resin based systems appreciate Todd's suggestion.
I use lunch trays covered with dental bibs to contain excess material. The
bibs are water, drip, drool proof so the material stays contained. THEN I
place the bib inside the PCA for curing before I place in a waste can. I
still dispose of it as contaminated waste but I feel better.

>To the boneheads who flamed him:

Flaming others is part of the dialogue so don't let ANYONE discourage
hints, questions, comments, or other conversation. I guess I have thick
skin from working around men, faculty, and other assorted provocations.


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