Re: Junk Mail

From: Steve Stewart (
Date: Fri Jan 05 1996 - 22:09:54 EET

>>>The RP newsgroup should be moderated and filtered of
>>>extraneous messages.
>>>Wade Troxell
>>What "extraneous" messages are you referring to? I personally haven't
>>seen >any.
>This whole discussion is extraneous, and that's my point. This newsgroup
>should be moderated with non-RP messages, such as this one, filtered out.
>I apologize for my adding to the inbox garbage to, hopefully, drive
>home this point.
>Wade Troxell

My $.02 ... I disagree with Wade's censorship proposal. The issue seems
to be sort of like the 1st amendment rights deal. "Filtering", or
censorship, or whatever you choose to call it, limits the usefulness of
any discussion. I'd further like to point out that today's free-for-all is
an extremely rare event, and therefore does not necessitate policy changes
- it works well the way it is.

Kudos and further encouragement to Todd and others who wish to help us all
out with their discoveries.

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