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From: Kamesh Tata (
Date: Fri Jan 05 1996 - 22:39:42 EET

At 11:16 AM 1/5/96 -0500, Dan wrote:
>I hope that some of the recent talk about junk mail and all of the
>requests to Todd Stahlhut to clarify his message will, in no way,
>discourage any of us from posting "tips and tricks," .......
>I appreciate Todd's willingness to share his ideas .....
>Daniel Anderson

Good words Dan. We need more Todds. Let me be one for now. Here is a way to
avoid resin from dripping on the sensor and everywhere else while removing
the platform after each build (on 250s).

***Take a plastic bin that can freely hold a 250 platform. Cut one end open.
(Now the four sided bin becomes a three sided bin). After a build is done
slide this modified bin underneath the raised platform. (I wish I could
attach a photograph to make this more clear.) Unclip the platform and place
it in the bin. Take the bin out and with it the platform and parts.***

It took me a while to locate a bin of the right size (20"X15"X5"). Got this
in a container store.


Kamesh Tata
Prototype Express, Inc.

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