Re: STL problem

From: Steve Stewart (
Date: Sat Jan 06 1996 - 20:47:02 EET

>Dear RPers
>I hope you had a good start into 1996.
>We started with a little problem on our SLA250 PC (386). We had a 0.5 MB
>SCSI disk instllled two years ago, which worked well till the end of last
>year. Since one or two months when running the menu-program and changing
>to disk drive d:, we get a runtime error message 003. I've installed a
>"3Dsys" directory on drive d: and the error changed to 002. These messages
>aren't so serious, but when I run the merge-process, it mostly breaks
>after a while with a runtime error 163 or 201 (also when started from the
>DOS-shell). The same does the build process when the parts are merged with
>Any helpful ideas?
>Many thanks for help.
>Heinz Stucki
>University of Zurich

Hello, Hans -

I don't know if this will help, but we were getting runtime error (I think
004) very frequently after we got our 486 installed. We finally, after
trying almost everything else, found that if we did NOT load the PRINT.COM
(I think in config.sys), our problems went away. If we want to print now,
we just "copy filename prn".

Good luck,

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