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From: Ian Gibson (
Date: Mon Jan 08 1996 - 04:04:34 EET

>Hi, 5/1/96
>I keep waiting for Ian to tell us that the much waited for RP
>internet conference is on line! It came live yesterday Ian!! and I
>think this discussion on vrml is very relavent to the opening papers
>on CAD issues.
Many thanks for pointing this out to me and everyone Ron. That will teach me
not to go in to work on Saturday mornings!

Yes folks, it has finally arrived. By setting your web browser to

you will get on to the mcb home page

dig down a few pages and you will find the virtual conference centre. Our
conference is listed when you 'get conferences'. It doesnt quite run the way
I was lead to believe. I thought each paper would be released at a separate
date, therefore having only one discussion going at any one time. In fact
you have a choice and can read a number of papers straight away. How you
want to deal with this is up to you.

All this will cost you is your time.

Please let me know what you think.

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