A note from Todd - More tips please.....

From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (stahlht@po2.nawc-ad-indy.navy.mil)
Date: Mon Jan 08 1996 - 14:32:00 EET

Now that last week is over and a new one has started....

Last weeks "broo ha ha" as one person called it - I think in the end was all
worth it.
I think that the primary thing it accomplished was to focus some attention
on what
we all want to get out of the RP list. I know I for one like the high level
that occur about future RP directions and the like, but I also hope to see
discussions that are "hands on practical" for all of the technology.
 That's what
I was trying to help along in my small way.

I have been in the RP business for about five years now so I too have
a fairly thick skin from dealing with RP customers. It did not bother me in
any way
that someone was questioning what I did or if it was correct. What did
bother me is
the tone and the motivation behind it. I think this forum is for all RP
regardless of the system they use, to learn more about their system, and
systems. I guess my own personal rules for reading and using this RP list

   Don't build up your technology by tearing down or slamming another.
   is room for all the systems and each has its benefits and disadvantages.

   Don't assume the other person is an idiot and slam them. I try to
   things that I don't understand from the direction of "what am I missing"
   then ask for clarification.

   If I had in fact been a new user and doing something wrong - i.e.
   uncured SLA resin in the trash - Then by all means people should have
   me out by - first making sure that was what I was doing, and then
helping the
   user rather than flaming them.

   When writing to the RP list, don't assume that everyone knows what a
   "PCA" is (or your own technologies abbreviations) or necessary handling
   issues for your technology (such as resin is safe once cured). I blew it
   on this one this time!

Thanks to all who supported me - or more to those that were supporting the
concept of discussing practical tips. Lets move forward and continue making
this a worthwhile list.

Todd Stahlhut

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