RE: STL problem - Scsi drive

From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (
Date: Mon Jan 08 1996 - 15:01:00 EET

> Heinz Stucki wrote:

> We had a 0.5 MB
> SCSI disk instllled two years ago, which worked well till the end of last
> year. Since one or two months when running the menu-program and changing
> to disk drive d:, we get a runtime error message 003.

Don't know if this applies at all but I had a perhaps related problem on a
SLA system. I was upgrading to windows 95 at home and had problems with
getting my SCSI drivers installed. After over a week of effort - it turned
out I
had the "STEALTH_C" virus on my master boot record. This virus messes
up drivers and such. My suggestion would be for you to check your system
for viruses. The McAfee website has some shareware virus scanning software
you can try at: The dos section contains some that
run from dos.

Hope this helps

Todd Stahlhut

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