Re: vmrl, stl size, speed etc.

From: Holger Wirtz (
Date: Tue Jan 09 1996 - 22:34:28 EET

Al (and some others),

could you please stop including full messages, that
already got posted to this list. If you do want to
include something, please make sure it is vital
information you are commenting. Thank you.

About file sizes: are you sure that the difference
between VRML and STL in file size makes any difference,
when you can buy 1 GB hard disks for less than $300,
backup systems for the same price and CD toasters for
$2000, prices dropping by about 50% each year???

Time is our business. If file sizes affect computability
(as is for ASCII, binary STL), then they should be
considered. If VRML is significantly faster (and
accurate enough) than STL, than VRML is the way to go



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