VRML, STL and other animals

From: Paul L. Finelt (72567.3274@compuserve.com)
Date: Wed Jan 10 1996 - 05:30:27 EET

RP Folks....

If we are going to openly discuss STL vs. "anything" we must not ignore
the following truism (I believe one other person on the list has
mentioned this too):


I have seen far too many poorly built and designed parts to believe that
a file format (STL,VRML, IGES ,etc.) will solve the RP'ers problems. We
need excellent training of designers so they understand the
manufacturing processes that will be used for their parts. Designers are
too far removed from the manufacturing/toolroom floor.

We will spend the better part of a year or more to train our designers
on the proper design characteristics that must be built into a part for
the many processes we use.

Almost every CAD/CAM system I have seen has some "limitation" that must
be "overcome" by properly training personnel. Almost always we have to
do this by the "school of hard knocks". There is no formal training
that properly describes the needs of the shop floor. The "needs" are
dependent upon the "system" the company has built. That system may be
optimized to meet the needs of the company.

Please don't be so simple as to believe that any one system, person,
program, file format, etc. is the "be all to end all". Our improvements
may come in a chaotic fashion, but there must be organization in the
overall direction for "us" to succeed.

Thanks for listening.

Paul Finelt - OzWin 1.10/1.19 - 22:10:11 09-Jan-96

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