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Date: Wed Jan 10 1996 - 14:42:13 EET

>Time is our business. If file sizes affect computability
>(as is for ASCII, binary STL), then they should be
>considered. If VRML is significantly faster (and
>accurate enough) than STL, than VRML is the way to go

It is VERY much faster, because it is a 3D telecommunication standard,
and not something to be put on disks and tapes like STL.
All this discussion only reflects the present; now, the >candies< of VRML
are only reduced file size, improved architecture and free viewers via
the Internet. But think of the near future:
- Cheaper 3D printers
- Colour RP
- With OpenGL in Windows and lowcost 3D graphics adapters, the consumer
market goes 3D ...
- ... with volume modellers costing 500$ (yes, 3D Eye has VRML interface)
- Internet as common as phone and fax
- Multiuser interaction incorporated into VRML without the need to buy
expensive software (yes, this is a question of bandwith).

Even now, VRML is able to hotlink geometry. Example: Car manufacturer and
Mirror supplier.
1. Suppier proposes design change to enhance stiffness.
2. Invites car manufacturer to view this.
3. Car mfct. loads the door model, and then re-loads the mirror hotlink.
The new design appears.
4. Says yes, lets see what wind tunnel says. Prints thing out via RP,
mounts on door, performs test.

to Yuval Roth:
>We have implemented the [VRML] format and will support it in our
products for other reasons
Could you specify ?

>In fact, I have started playing around with syntax definitions for a
>format I coined TFF (Triangular Facet File). I will be more than
>happy to share this discussion directly with all interested, or if
>enough interest is generated, to open the discussion on the mailing
Appreciate your initiative, but why not build it into VRML ?
See our example at
The DEF statement shows how easily you include an RP specific subnode. As
you and Brock said, RP needs better geometry >correctness< than viewing.
When we make the effort to inlude such a >manifold< or >manufacturing
geometry< node into VRML rather than inventing ANOTHER format, the above
mentioned advantages supply added value. The just-viewers can still view
our RP data, and some people with clever software (like Imageware ;-) can
enhance just-view data to manufacturing needs.

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