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From: Todd Grimm (
Date: Wed Jan 10 1996 - 16:52:00 EET

Accelerated Technologies, Inc. (ATI) has positions open for "Project
Coordinator". This is an entry level position with responsiblity for
obtaining and coordinating client projects/jobs. Yes, this is a sales
position. But, its focus is primarily on working with existing clients and
qualified leads.

ATI is willing to train. Our primary interest is in finding someone with an
exposure to the CAD and engineering markets. We are looking for people with
a technical aptitude and good verbal communication skills.

We have one position open in our Cincinnati bureau and two open in our
Austin bureau. Independent of the location, you will be representing SLA,
SLS and cast urethane offering.

For the Cincinnati opening, contact:
        Todd Grimm
        Accelerated Technologies, Inc.
        1780 Anderson Blvd
        Hebron, KY 41048
        Ph: 606-334-3875
        Fax: 606-586-0404

For the Austin opening, contact:
        Mike Durham
        Accelerated Technologies
        12919 Dessau Road
        Austin, TX 78754
        Ph: 512-990-7199
        Fax: 512-990-9726
Todd A. Grimm

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