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From: Ian Gibson (
Date: Thu Jan 11 1996 - 03:46:42 EET

Sorry for tying up the rp-ml for this but a number of people have had
problems accessing the conference. Re: finding the conference - Instead of
accessing mcb home page, try the virtual conference home page, which is

from there you 'join one of the conferences'. One of the first ones you see
should be ours.

I've tried this with both Netscape and Mosaic. With Mosaic, I do get a
couple of error messages but eventually it loads okay.

To find the papers: The papers are accessed through the book icon, whilst
the discussion is accessed through the sub-theme dialogue.

Some people tell me they can only access the first paper. Others say they
can access all the papers. That bit I dont understand. Maybe those who had
problems earlier should try again since they may just have jumped the gun.
If that is so then could you let me know.

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