RE: Mesh Refinement:

From: Peter H. Gien (
Date: Thu Jan 11 1996 - 06:58:11 EET

Brock Rooney wrote...

>Indeed I have in development, for release later this year
(don't ask when), a STL enhancement product which will add triangles
to smooth out poorly faceted STL files...

If anyone is interested, try Caligari TrueSpace2 for $499. Egghead carries it.
This will do a very excellent job of refining a triangle mesh into a smoother
one as well as some other very good manipulations. The trick is, how do you get
the old STL stinker into a format that can be read by other software such as
Caligari? For this and many other things, I use 3D/Eye from Trispectives.

A few comments about mesh refinement:

a) You have to specify the smallest angle you wish to preserve.
b) If it is a jewelry or artistic model, then go ahead and smooth the mesh,
pull on it, tweak it and have fun.
c) If it is a dimensioned engineering part, then mess with it at your own peril!

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