1996 SLS User's Group

From: David Leigh (harvest@vvm.com)
Date: Thu Jan 11 1996 - 22:55:57 EET

I was starting to check into some dates for the 1996 SLS User's Group, and I
thought I might just try this here new fangled gadget to see if'n I could
rile up some conjecture. We plan on hav'n the shin-dig out in the back 40
here in Tejas and I was wonderin' if there might be some obvious conflicts
from the last week in Sept. to the third week in October. Now, I'd luv to
have the conference that long, but we just plan a 4 day deal like last year.
Let's chat about it on the newsgroup if you wish, or just e-mail me direct
with any input you might have on format, dates, etc.

See Ya

David Leigh
SLS User's Group

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