Re: 1996 SLS User's Group

From: Tom Graver (
Date: Fri Jan 12 1996 - 19:12:23 EET


Georgia Tech's second annual RPM Symposium will be held on October 1-3, 1996
in Atlanta. A several of our 100+ attendees in 1995 and and one exhibitor
(DTM) also attended your event last year. I think these events are more
complimentary than competative, so it would be nice if we selected different
dates again this year. Thanks.


>I was starting to check into some dates for the 1996 SLS User's Group, and I
>thought I might just try this here new fangled gadget to see if'n I could
>rile up some conjecture. We plan on hav'n the shin-dig out in the back 40
>here in Tejas and I was wonderin' if there might be some obvious conflicts
>from the last week in Sept. to the third week in October. Now, I'd luv to
>have the conference that long, but we just plan a 4 day deal like last year.
>Let's chat about it on the newsgroup if you wish, or just e-mail me direct
>with any input you might have on format, dates, etc.
>See Ya
>David Leigh
>SLS User's Group

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