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From: David Leigh (
Date: Mon Jan 15 1996 - 20:06:40 EET

This darned keyboard has a mind of its own. It'll just send a message when
it's not even complete. Well, to complete the previous:

In response to Elaine's request, here is some information on the SLS User's

Current Officers:

Former Chairman: Tim Gornet - Univ. of Louisville
Chairman: David Leigh - Harvest Technologies
Vice-Chairman: Clint Atwood - Sandia Nat'l Labs
Treasurer: Brian Bauman - Prototype Express
Secretary: Sandy Rider - Xerox


We are in our third year and we have been meeting the 2nd week in October.
Our next scheduled meeting is Oct. of '96.


The User's Group is open to all owner's of DTM's SLS equipment in the US. I
guess you can say it is the North American SLS User's Group. But, it is
also open to those invited by the User's Group.

Contact Person(s):
DTM Corporation
1611 Headway Circle, Bld.2
Austin, TX 78754
(512) 339-2922

David Leigh
Harvest Technologies
6530 Cedar Creek Rd.
Temple, TX 76504
(817) 742-1822

Hope this is useful. If not, e-(junk)mail is easily trashed with little to
no impact on the environment.

David Leigh

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